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About Us

Pelicon Aviation - Delivering World-Class Aeromedical Care in India and Worldwide

Pelicon Aviation Air Ambulance Services Delhi renders domestic and worldwide medical transference of critically ill patients. It requires various levels of support by organizing services and amenities along with the highly experienced doctors, skilled paramedic, technician staffs, talented nurses and flight personnel such as an expert pilot. We are dedicated to considerate, professional transport of patients with intensive care, using advanced air and ground transportation which is entirely equipped to meet all medical emergencies at a very low–cost price. Pelicon Aviation is a premiere ambulance service provider based in India that has been transporting patients across India and around the world by air ambulance, train ambulance, and road ambulance. We are proud of our 100%, safety record and over this period of time Pelicon Aviation have earned the trust and respect of our valued patients who have used our services. Since our inspection, we have experienced tremendous growth since its inception.

Pelicon Aviation Air Ambulance is Comprehensive Medical Transport Services in India & Worldwide

We came to the industry with a single motive – to save every patient’s life at the time of medical emergency. So we have kept our service open to all the people living in society. The cost of our Air Ambulance Service in Delhi and entire India is very cost effective and the fare our air ambulance service starts from approximate INR 2.5 lakh. Beside the Air Ambulance Service, we also offer Train Ambulance Services in Delhi, Ranchi, Guwahati, Patna, Bangalore, and entire India. We also offer Ground Ambulance Services throughout India, thus during the hour of emergency, you can call us as we are available 24 x7 hours any corner of India.

At any given point of time, you can reach us through email or phone. Pelicon Aviation is always ready to forward its helping hand towards you impulsively, thus saving the life of your patient. In a very short span of duration, we have become one of the best Ambulance Service providers in India offering you a wide range of the Air Ambulance Service, Train Ambulance Services and Ground Ambulance Services. This has only become possible because of your 100% trust and satisfaction.

We are the most Efficient & Professional Air Ambulance at the most Competitive Price

Pelicon Aviation provides 24 x7 hours online tech support team that instantly forwards call and further details to our medical operation team. Then our medical team provides instant and an Emergency Air Ambulance Service in Delhi, Patna, Ranchi, Mumbai, Guwahati, as well as in another city of India at very low prices. Pelicon Aviation provides Air Ambulance Service, Train Ambulance and Ground Ambulance Services in almost all cities in India at the lowest cost along with Advanced Medical Equipment and Experienced Doctors and Skilled Paramedic Staffs that are available to take intensive care of the patient 24 x7 hours throughout transportation.

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