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What We Do

What we have to offer

At Pelicon Aviation we believe that entire patient should have the right to access to world-class healthcare no matter where you come from. In order to its successful conclusion we have come up with Pelicon Aviation India, a compassionate team of experienced doctors, skilled paramedic staffs, talented nurses, support staff and pilots, to evacuate patients from even the inaccessible areas. With a track record of several life-saving evacuations in our casket, we know precisely what to do when the time is of the necessity. As we understand the importance of time saved is a life saved.
  • Bed to Bed Transfer Facility
  • ICU & CCU Setup
  • Expert Doctor and Paramedic Attendent
  • ALS Enabled (Advanced Life Support)
  • 24-7 On-Board Availability

Bed to Bed Transfer Facility

Patient Safety is our primary concern at Pelicon Aviation. We offer smooth transfer of a patient from pickup at the current faculty to the safe arrival at the receiving faculty. Our Bed to Bed transfer services also includes obtaining a current medical report, providing the same and coordinating to the receiving faculty.
  • We proffer the most hygienic Bed to Bed transfer facility at very low-cost price.
  • We provide complete bed to bed transfer facility without charging any additional fee.
  • We use a unique bed to bed evacuation method in which a severely ill patient is picked up from the bed of location and is shifted to bed of destination by our professionals at every stage.
  • Our method of Bed to Bed transfer is a hassle-free process.

ICU & CCU Setup

Our exclusive patient care with the state-of-art ICU and CCU is a great advantage of our Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance and Ground Ambulance in Delhi and all over India. Pelicon Aviation prides itself on delivering patients with a level of critical care in transit that you would avail in an advanced hospital ICU.
  • Our ambulance is equipped with hi-tech ICU & CCU set up, which provides a boon for the patient being transferred.
  • We have world-class ICU & CCU set up on our Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance, & Ground Ambulance with all the other latest and precise medical equipment; all these and more are available at the cheapest price when you hire ambulance services with us.
  • We are adopting proper ICU & CCU setups under the emerging and advanced Pelicon Aviation with 24 x7 hours existences.
  • The advanced ICU & CCU Setup is a special department of our ambulance services providing an intensive treatment medicine to a critically ill patient.

Expert Doctor and Paramedic Attendent

Our expert team of Doctors and Paramedic Attendants work with a mission to make Pelicon Aviation the best aeromedical team in the globe by providing world-class medical facilities to patients all over the planet. Our highly skilled doctors and paramedic staffs endeavor for an outstanding and efficient Air Ambulance Services, Train Ambulance Services, and Ground Ambulance Services to everyone and 24 hours a day.
  • Our specialized doctors and paramedic attendant provide an excellent and highly specialized emergency medical ambulance to severely ill, injured patients.
  • A doctor and Paramedic attendant are available 24 x 7 hours on board taking intensive care of the patient being transferred.
  • We also provide an ICU specialist doctor with experienced paramedic staffs and technician who are expert in handling any situation on-board.
  • Our doctors and paramedic staffs aim to provide excellent life –saving care to patients throughout the world.

ALS Enabled (Advanced Life Support)

A patient requiring ALS (Advanced Life Support) transport care is usually suffering from burns, trauma, cardiac failure or variability of other conditions. Pelicon Aviation’s Advanced Life Support Ambulance requires medical monitoring and care by an EMT Paramedic and may include nursing vital signs, cardiac monitoring, Oxygen, and IV therapy.
  • We provide ALS care only at a level in a manner approved by medical control
  • To request an ALS laced Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance and Ground Ambulance transportation, contact our centre at the earliest.
  • The ALS Ambulance is equipped with state-of-the-art heart and blood pressure examining medical equipment.
  • We provide medically certified staff for on-site pre-hospital medical care with our air ambulance services in Delhi.

24-7 On-Board Availability

In case of emergency, call us or e-mail for hiring Air Ambulance Services from Delhi, Train Ambulance Services and Ground Ambulances Services. We are available 24 x 7 x 365 hours & days a year to assist you. We help in determining the ideal way to transport, whether you are the patient or you are hiring transportation for a loved one.
  • Our Air Ambulance Services are best in world -class service and totally reliable which make us different from others.
  • You can contact us to book Air Ambulance Services anytime a day and be assured you will be hiring our air ambulance services from Patna, Delhi, Bhopal, Guwahati, Ranchi, etc. at very cost effective price.
  • With 24 x7 Ambulance services, Pelicon Aviation is always ready to get on the field for any need of ambulances.
  • If you’re seeking an Ambulance Service? Speak to one of our devoted administrators on +91-9262697886.